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Signs of a Delusional Mind

These are the chronicles of the esoteric . . .


be it resolved that . . .

They say you should never make new year resolutions that are impossible - or highly unlikely - for you to keep. That is, you should never make unrealistic new year resolutions. Resolutions should be smart, reasonable, and attainable goals that, quite frankly, could be made at any point during the year.

The practise of setting resolutions is traced by some as far back as the Babylonians who would, at the start of each year, make promises to their gods of returning borrowed objects and paying debts. Likewise, the Romans would make promises regarding the awaiting year to the god Janus, of whom the month January is named. For Jews, Rosh Hashanah - literally, 'head of the year' - is a time of introspection, when people look back at their mistakes and plan the changes for the new year. Tashlikh, or 'casting off,' is a common practise performed in the afternoon of the first day of the Jewish year in which one walks to a body of flowing water, such as a creek or a river, and empties their pockets thereby symbolising the casting off of sins. Additionally, many seek reconciliation with those they have wronged in the previous year.

While for most, the new year is a time of re-orientation, I personally have never recorded a list of goals; any vision is usually held somewhat subconsciously, always mentally marinating, visited, and evolving. However, at this point in my life - and particularly because I don't have school to outweigh all other desires - I feel like deliberately laying down a few thought-out directions might help focus the already blooming flower known as 2012. Since at the current stage in its life, one of the facets of this site is an accountibility measure, I thought I'd share a few items off my list - and perhaps at the end of the year do a review. So here goes.

  1. Begin anew committing Scripture to memory, starting with the Psalms. Already, in fact, my wife and I have memorised Psalm 1.

  2. Continue reading through the Bible again where I left off last November - and stick to it. I guess be better spiritually disciplined in general with aims of strengthening and deepening my relationship with Adonai.

  3. Now that the craziness of the holidays is over, I'd like to set aside at least one evening each week to read. This way maybe I can finish the gigantic - and growing - list of books I'm hoping to read over the next few years, both fiction and non-fiction (you can always keep track of what I'm currently reading on the right-hand panel of the Home page). I'd like to get more educated.

  4. Related to the above, I'd like to do some writing. There are a few questions I'd like to explore and write on. Perhaps even see if I can get anything published and get my foot in that door, and participate in the forwarding of progressive theological thought.

  5. Work-out at least three times a week, and get back into a shape I once was in. I suppose I can include here run a half-marathon with my brother since it's related. At this rate, it won't be very succesful, but I've got until June to train.

  6. Learn to play more guitar. I already bought a month of lessons - I simply have to pick the month.

  7. Add wood-working to my short list of skills. I have dreams of (and designs for) building a storage chest, as well as end-tables for our living room. Additionally, I'd like to perfect the chess set my friend and I made on a camping trip.

  8. Lastly, I hope to be more loyal and committed as a husband, son, brother, and friend - in all the ways these roles/identities involve.

Methinks that's a good start.

L'shanah tovah tikatev v'taihatem - that is, May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year!

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