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Sermon : Sodom and Gomorrah


Did you miss me one Sunday I praught (This is not a typo—it's the new past tense of preach, replacing the awkward preached)? Would you like to read again what I said? Well, on this page you will find a collection of the sermons I have written and delivered, as well as some devotionals I have done. I hope they're appropriately edifying.

The ideas, opinions, and conclusions expressed here do not necessarily reflect the official views of the churches in which I have delivered these sermons.


Sodom and Gomorrah
I was asked to deliver this sermon, and as controversial a topic it is, it was one of my favourites to write.
| 25 September 2016 at Crossroads MB
1 Samuel 25
I delivered this as part of a series working through 1 Samuel.
| 20 September 2015 at Crossroads MB
1 Timothy 3
I delivered this as part of a series of sermons on 1 Timothy. | 3 May 2015 at Crossroads MB
2 Timothy 2:3-4
This is one-seventh of a sermon I did with a church committe of which I am a part - we each had a verse or two to reflect on. | 1 February 2015 at Crossroads MB
1 Corinthians 8
This sermon was part of a 1 Corinthians series. | 14 September 2014 at Crossroads MB
Luke 19:28-48
This sermon was delivered on Palm Sunday and reflects on the Triumphal Entry. | 13 April 2014 at Crossroads MB
Isaiah 2
I was asked to deliver the second sermon of a build-up to Advent that is going through the book of Isaiah. | 22 September 2013 at Crossroads MB
The Holy Life
This sermon is the second in a Lenten series on the early church's four cardinal virtues. It is based on the key passage for the series, Philippians 4:8-9. | 4 March 2012 at Fort Garry EMC
Jacob, Esau - and God
I was asked to participate in a sermon series on the back-end of Genesis; this sermon, on Genesis 25:19-34, was delivered second in the series. | 10 July 2011 at Fort Garry EMC
This sermon was an exploration of thoughts derived from Hebrews 10:19-39. | 22 May 2011 at Crossroads MB
The Beatitudes
This sermon was based on Matthew 5:1-12. | 30 January 2011 at Fort Garry EMC
This sermon was based on an exegetical study I did in an intermediate Biblical Greek course where I examined Matthew 18:21-35. | 18 July 2010 at Fort Garry EMC
Kenosis - The Center of our Faith
This sermon was based on Philippians 2:1-13. | 28 September 2008 at Fort Garry EMC
The Encounter
This sermon was based on John 4:1-26. | 26 August 2007 at Fort Garry EMC


Integrating the Bible
I delivered this sermon as part of a series on the Bible. | 14 February 2016 at Crossroads MB
Service (as Worship)
This sermon was delivered during Lent; in it I speak about the act of service and how it is a form of worship. | 22 March 2009 at Fort Garry EMC
Searching for God
This sermon is based on a devotional I gave at a college and career event one month and a half earlier. | 30 December 2007 at Fort Garry EMC
Image of God
This was the second sermon I delivered, but the first at an 'official' church service. | 29 April 2007 at Fort Garry EMC
This was the first sermon/meditation I ever did in front of a large group; it was for the Crossroads MB's college and career Thanksgiving service, held at the Union Point United Church in the middle of Highway 75. | 1 October 2006 at UPUC


This devotional was given at my family's Christmas Eve celebration at my parents' house after dinner. | 24 December 2009
Jesus: Center of Christmas and Life
This meditation was given at my extended family's Christmas celebration in the basement of my church. | 25 December 2007
Seeing God in the Mundane
This meditation was given at a Crossroads MB's college and career event. It later served as the basis to a sermon I would deliver one month and a half later on the topic of searching for God. This meditation is essentially a condensed version of the sermon as the majority of the content here is found there. | 4 November 2007