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wordy wisdom: inspirational lyrics, pt 6

In grade ten, during an English unit of poetry, we were given an assignment of analysing the lyrics to a song, taking into account the use of the music as a way of enhancing the poetic effect.

At that time I had been listening to a band headed by a singer whom, in younger years, I listened to when he was working solo. Being fresh in mind, I chose a song which was growing to become a favourite. As part of my presentation, I asked the class what their opinion was of the lyrics. Looking back on it now, the age we were at certainly played a factor in their interpretations for more than three quarters of those who ventured an answer believed it to be about the doubt that comes with a romantic relationship.

While they were not entirely incorrect, they were indeed mistaken. This song does in fact have to do with the doubts of a relationship, but it is the relationship between that of man and God. But more than that, it is about the duality of wills and the battle between the two sides which is constantly raging within us - the battle between self and Adonai. Do we seek our own fulfilment, or do we seek the fulfilment of Adonai's will? Do we make the decision now, or do we wait until later? Will He wait if we consciously push Him away?

This song puts into emotional perspective the struggle which is a universally human condition - a condition not unfamiliar to even the believer: To follow the Merciful, who offers life, or to succumb to the world, which ends in death - to pick a side, for one cannot serve both God and Mammon.

Torn / All Star United // All Star United

it's excruciating;
i know You need to know
where we stand.
is there harm in waiting?
is this my only chance
to take Your hand?

i'm torn in two
by what i should
or should not do.
torn in two.
will You wait for me
if i run from You?

i really must confess,
it feels like there's a war in me.
i'm drawn to those
who offer less;
but is this really where
i need to be?

i'm torn in two
by what i should
or should not do.
torn, torn in two.
will You wait for me
if i run from You . . ?

over this i'm losing rest,
i can't bear to turn away;
if i try to second guess,
oh, i gamble it away.
i'm torn . . .

torn in two.
will You wait for me?
should i run from You . . ?

i'm torn.
i'm torn.
i'm torn . . .

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