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The Great Pizza Quest


I know, I know. It's not delivery. But like my wife said, we give them enough business so I may as well put them on my list. And let's be honest, the majority of us have gone out to buy a frozen pizza - it's a valid form of the meal, albeit the cheap way out (I can say that because we do it all the time). But the cheap way out doesn't necessarily mean the not-so-tasty way out.

Delissio as we know it is only found within the borders of Canada and only after 1999 (although pizza products by Kraft were sold with the name in the 1980s); the pizza can be found in the States, however it is sold under the name of DiGiorno. While no longer a Kraft product as of 2010 (it is now a Nestlé product), Delissio is the best (commercially) frozen pizza my mouth has so far encountered.

My wife and I normally opt for the thin crust, though initially we frequented the regular. The ingredients, knowingly being used for frozen pies, are naturally not of the highest quality. Still, they aren't noticeably of the lowest quality. Our favourite style has been the Canadian, topped with mushrooms, bacon and pepperoni. Normally, the pepperoni bakes crispy and is in fact rather tasty; the bacon can be hit or miss, however - sometimes strangely chewy and fatty, but usually crunchy; and the mushrooms are obviously from a can. The sauce is powerfully spiced with flavour, but not overwhelmingly so - with every bite it has presence, but balances and compliments the other toppings rather well. The crust itself actually tastes like a real pizza's dough and, when baked properly, is crunchy but tender. The regular crust at this point rises to a filling thickness, whereas the thin crust remains at a minimal level. The cheese is perfectly (because it's mechanically) dispersed, with just the right amount of cheese-to-toppting ratio.

While I haven't tried every frozen pizza on the market, I have tried quite a few, and for me Delissio is definitely one of the best tasting and, in comparison to most of the thin, small-diamater pizzas, it comes in a pretty decent size. It's quick and easy, and satisfies that pizza craving fairly well - even though it's not delivery.

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