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I love Thrice. I don't think there's any hiding that fact. The last one of these ...
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A long-standing franchise with an ordinary product that all tastes the same ...
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Sermon : Sodom and Gomorrah


Greetings, and a warm welcome to all.

This space you've come across is for me a means to express myself to you as I work out my theology and ethics. It is a journey I invite you to join with me as it is in the written medium I am most comfortable (though this does come with its dangers), and it is something I enjoy. In some ways, perhaps this site shall act as a means of accountability.

It is my hope it will be informative, edifiying and pleasurable for all you journey with me.

If you have something to say—a well-wish or an ill-wish—please use the Contact link (quill and parchment) found in every section on the top of the right-hand panel, and feel free to engage with me in the comments sections of each blog post.

Please also see the copyright terms for use of the content on this site.

News and Updates

13.05.23 :: Ever closer does this site come to making its jump to the tweaked design. There are a lot of behind the scenese work being done when I'm up late with my newborn little girl, so stay tuned and start getting pumped for a site that's a little more versatile and sharpened. Additionally, new content is also being written up, so keep checking back - and for those of you who find it easier to get updates to your inbox, an e-newsletter is also in the works for Version 2.1 of the site. Good things are coming. In the meantime, enjoy your visit and I hope you learn something new and have some interesting thoughts.

P.S. As a result of the coding changes, you may experience some odd happenings right now (and possibly after) the switch, so bear with me through the transition and as always use the Contact form to let me know of anything that's weird.
13.01.18 :: Happy New Year! Things are changing around here. I was hoping to execute the new design format at the beginning of this month, but life had a way of betting busy over the holidays. Thus, I'm going to keep working away at it, therefore the change should happen very very soon - keep coming back because one of these days things will look different. Please be advised that because of these changes, certain pages will start formatting differently even before the full cross-over - so please bear with me. And as always, use the Contact form to let me know if you notice any weird pages, broken links, etc. Peace to you all. L'shanah tovah tikatev v'taihatem - that is, May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year!

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