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These are the chronicles of the esoteric . . .

On these pages you will find my thoughts on a somewhat regular basis (weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly, monthly, quarter-monthly, annually.. I haven't decided, nor do I know how much time or words I'll have, but knowing me, it will likely be quite irregular). Sometimes it's a good discipline to have a critical, thoughtful mind and to force oneself to write it out.

I have copied and placed all my posts from my previous blog at Blogspot here to keep them all together. It is easier for me this way for many reasons. One of these reasons is I am long-winded, and here I feel it's okay for me to ramble on - especially if I warn you ahead of time for this - whereas in an 'official' blog page one feels embarrassed for writing on so long.

By way of a disclaimer, I will not claim to be intelligent, funny or clever. But I will be honest. And that's all I can offer.

You will find the blog archives listed on the right-hand panel. Simply click on the year to get a drop-down menu of the month, and then go ahead and enjoy (or not enjoy - but then you shouldn't keep reading them). When a new blog is posted, I will have a link directly to it on the right-hand panel of other pages outside this particular section (and a note in the News and Updates on the home page).

Have fun.

Recent Posts


we are the borg
Much has been said in Christian circles about the theological allegory prevalent throughout The Matrix - and for good reason: Christological motifs abound in all three movies - though most obviously in the first and third - along with a good number of theological concepts.

What hasn't been discussed enough in my opinion is the blatant and increasingly relevant social commentary the movie makes. Perhaps this is because the message of The Matrix can only fully be appreciated and recognised in this day, thirteen years after its release, as we now more clearly move closer to the (dystopian) technologically-overrun age it prophesied. ... >>


be it resolved that . . .
They say you should never make new year resolutions that are impossible - or highly unlikely - for you to keep. That is, you should never make unrealistic new year resolutions. Resolutions should be smart, reasonable, and attainable goals that, quite frankly, could be made at any point during the year.

The practise of setting resolutions is traced by some as far back as the Babylonians who would, at the start of each year, make promises to their gods of returning borrowed objects and paying debts. Likewise, the Romans would make promises regarding the awaiting year to the god Janus, of whom the month January is named. For Jews, Rosh Hashanah - literally, 'head of the year' - is a time of introspection, when people look back at their mistakes and plan the changes for the new year. ... >>


a foundation, pt 4
Now, what I have written is going to seem like bold words - and that's only because they are. Some may think I am being too harsh and perhaps too cynical - and this may very well be true - but I am doing this in order to accomplish a goal. By picking at the problems, and by raising the issues, we are opened to providing solutions, and perhaps we are even made available to generate change. It is my ultimate goal to make the theological gears move - to make each mind think and re-think what they have perceived and believed. And why Christmas? >>


a foundation, pt 3
Some of you may, in continuing with me on this journey, get the impression that I am rebelling - that I am completely disapproving and disheartened by my childhood Christmases. But this is nowhere near the truth. In fact, I have the fondest memories of Christmas as a boy - a fondness that resurfaces every single year of my adult life, very much including this year. I still to this day look forward to winter, to December for what it brings - all that it entails. Nay, I have in no way intended to impress upon you, the reader, that my parents raised me and my two siblings with poor or lacking theology. >>


a foundation, pt 2
While not the incident that altered my view toward the holidays, Christmas of 2008 certainly did play a part in my already shifted perspective. That particular winter, December was nearly unrecognisable; the first weekend of that twelfth month did not witness the setting up and decoration of my parents' tree. Unlike the yards outdoors covered in thick, white snow, my parents' living room was bare of holiday ornaments. December 20 found my family and I leaving on a plane to spend Christmas and New Years with my mother's family in Nicaragua - a trip especially difficult for me as I would leave my fiancée of seven months behind for those eleven days. >>

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