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Sam Weller said . . .

Came about this through insta. These are all important areas that need going over, poking and prodding but nowadays MOST members of the church refuse to do so out of fear. You'll get loads of resistance but keep going. I don't have time to read further right now but I'll be back. I'm the son of a minister and missionary but my parents were always open and very questioning so I had a very broad theological background. Unfortunately, too many members of the church don't reflect the attitudes of the original Christians who were actually brave and did question their inherited traditions. God Bless you in your journey.

2021-10-30 at 07:58:45

Eric Jordan said . . .

Hi, Sam! Welcome to my site! And thank you very much for the encouraging words. I've always had a questioning mind and have felt the urge to pull others along with me--to help others stop and think and rethink. So while I do it to myself, I invite others to do it with me! I hope if you do return you find something interesting here. All the best.

2021-11-01 at 03:02:25